Equiping Single and Married
women for Christ,
Our sufficiency is from God
 (2 Corintian 3:5)

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Thank you for visiting zealous women website. We are a ministry; the Lord has set apart particularly for Christian women who are eager to work zealously in Christ vineyard. It is an inter-denominational woman ministries made up of people from different countries, ethnic groups and background but having one common goal, to grow in the knowledge of Christ 2 peter 3:18 . The women grow spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally through coaching, training, advice and information of the Word of God. They are empowered through the Word of God to win other women for Christ.     

Our vision is to see women use or deploy all their talents and gift to serve God zealously, irrespective of their background, physical and financial status. This will be achieved by training women to follow the laid down Bible standards, obey and fear the Lord and become zealous for Christ through their actions and deeds.

Special thanks The zealous women ministries wish to thank all who made it to her one year anniversary, we want to let you know we had a nice time with you all and wish to see more of you. May our God bless and reward you abundantly.All thanks and glory goes to Our Heavenly Father who made it a wonderful and lives transforming programme. We love you all, but God love you more.

I wished my friend was present at the anniversary celebration to listen to the life transforming message, what a blessing. Pastor Ibe Bush Emmanuel.


















Another Ministry is bornAll for Jesus ministry is a ministry where the ladies ministers to the need of the people through dancing, acting and songs ministration, this ministry consist of six ladies. (Open to all who wish to join the train to the glory of God.)Miss patience Jacob and her team of five are devoted in glorifying God with their voice and body. Hallelujah.




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