Equiping Single and Married
women for Christ,
Our sufficiency is from God
 (2 Corintian 3:5)

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                                                                          NEEDS & PROJECTS

As  we  work in the women ministry, We are in need of international women ministries that will affiliate with us in order to carry on this vision of equipping women for Christ.

We need Bibles, Christian Materials for teaching women specifically. In order to reach the widows, orphanages, the poor and the needy e. g  

Kids in need feeding and empowerment project.


 Kids in need                                                                                                                                                          Initially we fed forty selected destitute children twice a week at 2euro per child per meal and 6euro per child a week. For forty children in four weeks I spent 240euro. Clothes, food-supplements and foot-wears were provided for the children. In addition. Educational materials were distributed to the kids at intervals.


Present and future of kinfep

At the moment we are looking at the street children and helpless rural kids who lives at the Mercy of scarcely caring relatives. The plan is to get them catered for at designated spots of the township and villages. These spots could be hired on temporary basic as the owners so desire.


In future, KINFEP intends to builds a centre to which these kids could be refer to. There is no intention to make the arrangement an unwieldy one. It shall be one thing at a time, that is, not exceeding particularly number at a time. The number in our mind now is 50 children under the age of 10.

We invite all men and women of goodwill to support this project because so many children, especially those whose both parents died of the HIV/AIDs scourge ate languishing at various points in our countries.


you can support us with your Monthly or one time Donation to help us achieve these goals Act 4:32-35. We pray that the Good Lord will richly bless you.


If the Lord is laying it in your heart to be a blessing to this ministry, Please kindly contact us through the below email address

                                  [email protected]

                                     0034/632 250 800






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